Countywide Service Review--Phase 1
State law (Government Code Section 56430) requires the Local Agency Formation Commission to perform a review of all municipal-type services in the the County once every five years. On July 1, 2005, LAFCO released the Public Review Draft of its Countywide Service Review. This web page contains the chapters of the report. The LAFCO staff will post additional information on this page during the service review process. The paper report format of the Public Review Draft may be purchased from the LAFCO office. LAFCO held a public hearing on August 3, 2005 and accepted the report.

Chapters of 2005 Countywide Service Review
Executive Summary
Streets and Highways
Flood Control
Solid Waste
Fire Protection
Police Protection
Recreation and Parks
Other Services 

South County Fire Study--Phase 2
At its June 6, 2007 meeting, LAFCO heard the consultant's report, received public and agency comments, and accepted the South County Fire Service Study. The study in paper or compact disc format may be purchased from the LAFCO office. Inquiries should be directed to:
701 Ocean Street , Room 318-D
Santa Cruz, CA 95060
fax (831) 454-2058

Chapters of 2007 South County Fire Service Study
Title Page
Table of Contents
Executive Summary
Fire Service Concepts
Current Fire Service Structure
Evaluation of Current Resources
Key Issues
Fire Service Alternatives

Appendix A: Fire Service Glossary

Appendix B: Fire Apparatus Categories
Appendix C: District Formation Process

Addendum: Responses to Comments
Key Points from Study