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The Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCO) was created by State law in 1963 to regulate the boundaries of cities and special districts. There is a LAFCO in each of the 58 counties of California. The objectives of LAFCO are:

  • to encourage efficient service areas for services provided by cities, counties, and special districts;

  • to guide urban development away from prime agricultural lands and open space resources;

  • to promote orderly growth; and

  • to discourage urban sprawl.

The Commission in Santa Cruz County is comprised of seven members: two city council members chosen by the mayors of the cities in the county, two county supervisors chosen by the Board of Supervisors, two special district board members chosen by the twenty-four independent special district board chairpersons in the county, and a public member chosen by the other members of LAFCO.

As a public agency, LAFCO discusses and acts upon its business monthly in open public meetings. We welcome your interest and participation in the important matters under study by LAFCO.

Next Meeting The next meeting is scheduled for August 5, 2015 at 9:30 a.m. in Room 525 of the County Governmental Center at 701 Ocean Street, Santa Cruz.
---Notice of Public Hearings
Resource Conservation District of Santa Cruz County

On August 5, 2015, LAFCO will hold a public hearing on a service and sphere review for the Resource Conservation District of Santa Cruz County. The draft report contains data comparing the RCDSCC with the adjoining resource conservation districts in adjacent counties. LAFCO welcomes additional input prior to the completion of the public hearing.
---Public Review Draft

Pajaro Valley Public Cemetery District On June 3rd, LAFCO accepted the 2015 Service Review and Sphere of Influence Review for the Pajaro Valley Public Cemetery District affirming the current status-quo sphere of influence for the cemetery district.

On June 3, 2015, LAFCO extended its autorization of the Lompico Reorganization to August 6, 2016. The two districts are continuing to study options for financing the Lompico infrastucture repairs and improvements.

On March 6, 2015, the Lompico County Water District Board initiated a rate hike procedure. The LCWD Board has subsequently ratified the rate increase.

In 2014 and early 2015, LAFCO and the Santa Cruz County Board of Supervisors conducted parallel processes to consider the proposed merger of the Lompico County Water District and the San Lorenzo Valley Water District. LAFCO authorized the merger subject to four conditions. One condition was raising $2.75 million for infrastructure improvements. The infrastructure bond election concluded on February 24. The bond failed to get the required 2/3rds affirmative vote. The merger process has been halted.
---Flowchart of Processes

Links to Information from Other Agencies
---Lompico Citizens Advisory Committee
---Comparison of Costs
---San Lorenzo Valley Water District
---Board of Supervisors

Lompico Reorganization Protest
The protest period for the proposed Lompico Reorganization closed on October 6, 2014.
---Protest Results
Since the protest results do not bring about an election on the reorganization, the only matter on the mail ballot will be whether to authorize the bonds.

LAFCO Hearing August 6, 2014
August 6, 2014, LAFCO authorized, subject to four conditions, the Lompico Reorganization, which consists of the dissolution of the Lompico County Water District and annexation of Lompico to the San Lorenzo Valley Water District.

August 2014 Information
---Average Customer Five Year Costs Under Merger and Independent Models
---Staff Report for August 6 Hearing

2014 Service Review/Spheres Study
---Table of Contents
---Ch 1 Purpose of Study
---Ch 2 Overview of Agencies
---Ch 3 Population and Growth
---Ch 4 Disadvantaged Communities
---Ch 5 Infrastructure Needs
---Ch 6 Finances
---Ch 7 Shared Facilities
---Ch 8 Accountability and Efficiency
---Ch 9 Board Meeting Rules
---Ch 10 Communities of Interest
---Ch 11 Bibliography

Early 2014 Information:
---SLVWD Resolution
---Lompico Resolution
---Process Flowchart
---Five Year Pro Forma Budget
---Notes for Five Year Pro Forma
---Average Lompico Customer Costs
---Bond Projects
---Lompico Debts
---Personnel Costs
---Other Options Considered
---Line Item Details of Pro Forma
---May 22 Presentation

2013 Information
On December 4, 2013, the LAFCO Executive Officer participated in a public workshop concerning the possible merger of the Lompico County Water District and the San Lorenzo Valley Water District.
---December 4 Presentation

Graham Hill Sanitation Reorganization

The Graham Hill Sanitation Reorganization has been completed.
---LAFCO Resolution

Any property owner within the annexation area who wants sanitary sewer connection information should contact the County Public Works Department, Sanitation Engineering staff at:

(831) 454-2160
701 Ocean Street, Room 410
Santa Cruz, CA 95060

School District Boundaries

LAFCO does not regulate school district boundaries. Direct questions concerning school district boundaries to the Business Services office of the County Office of Education. (831) 466-5600.

Emergency Cell Phone Notification (Reverse 911)
Santa Cruz Regional 9-1-1, which dispatches emergency police, fire, and ambulances in Santa Cruz County, has a service. In cases of imminent threat, it has the capability to make reverse 911 calls to cell phones. In the case of an imminent threat, the Santa Cruz Regional 9-1-1 would make an automated call to cell phones registered to threatened addresses. A sample message might be "At 9:30 on Monday morning, a mandatory evacuation has been ordered for all homes on XYZ Road due to threat from the wildfire. " To utilize this service, cell phone users must register with the dispatch center:
---Link to Santa Cruz Regional 9-1-1 Registration

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