The proposed reorganization was initiated by the Branciforte Fire Protection District (BFPD) following the unanimous adoption of an initiating resolution.

The subject area includes 745 parcels totaling approximately 5,800 acres. If recorded, the BFPD will be dissolved, and the dissolved area will be concurrently annexed into the Scotts Valley Fire Protection District (SVFPD). The purpose of the application is to facilitate the efficient delivery of fire protection to individual and property owners within the affected territory. The reorganization will preserve the current levels of service, maintain local demand expectations, and continue the existing funding sources.

August 2, 2023 LAFCO Meeting
Staff Report (summarizes purpose of the reorganization and the LAFCO process) – Click Here

Attachments / Supporting Documents:
1) Resolution of Initiation
2) Pre-Reorganization Agreement
3) Joint Ad-Hoc Committee Agenda Example
4) Resident Advisory Committee
5) Indemnification Agreement
6) Fee Waiver Request
7) LAFCO Status Letter
8) LAFCO Referral Letter
9) Tax Rate Area Memo
10) Property Tax Exchange Agreement
11) Plan for Service
12) CalPERS Actuarial Report
13) Notice of Exemption (CEQA)
14) Certificate of Filing
15) Notice of Public Hearing
16) LAFCO Timeline (Reorganization Schedule)
17) Protest Proceedings Policy
18) List of Local Leaders (Special Thanks)
19) Adopted Resolution (No. 2023-17)

September 27, 2023 Protest Hearing
State law requires LAFCO to conduct a protest proceeding for any boundary change. The protest period is from September 4 to September 27, as shown in the published notice: Click Here to View

Supporting Documents (Before Protest Hearing):
1) September 27 Protest Hearing Agenda
2) Protest Form (Landowner)
3) Protest Form (Registered Voter)

Supporting Documents (After Protest Hearing):
1) Protest Hearing Minutes (Adopted Version)
2) Protest Results Resolution (Adopted Version)

December 8, 2023 Recordation Date
The “Branciforte Fire Protection District Reorganization” was recorded on Friday, December 8, 2023. The following link directs you to the recorded document: CLICK HERE

What does recordation mean? In other words, the Branciforte community is officially part of the Scotts Valley Fire Protection District as of December 8, 2023. All fire and medical related services will now fall under the responsibility of Scotts Valley FPD. While the Branciforte FPD no longer exists, the Branciforte residents now have a sustainable level of service. Additionally, Branciforte residents are now eligible to run/serve on two governance boards: (1) the Scotts Valley FPD Board of Directors, and (2) the Branciforte Advisory Commission.

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