Disclosure Laws

State laws require members of the public to make certain public disclosures about money they have contributed to the campaign of a candidate for public office who is now sitting on LAFCO (See CAMPAIGN CONTRIBUTIONS below). State laws and Santa Cruz LAFCO rules require members of the public to make a public disclosure of certain contributions and expenditures they receive or make in advocating for or against a proposal being reviewed by LAFCO (See EXPENSES SUPPORTING & OPPOSING PROPOSALS below).


State law (the POLITICAL REFORM ACT of 1974) requires that a LAFCO Commissioner disqualify herself or himself from voting on an application involving an entitlement for use (such as an annexation or sphere amendment) if, within the last twelve months, the Commissioner has received $250 or more in campaign contributions from an applicant, any financially interested person who actively supports or opposes an application, or an agent (such as an attorney, engineer, or planning consultant) representing an applicant or interested participant. The law also requires any applicant or other participant in a LAFCO proceeding to disclose the amount and name of the recipient Commissioner on the official record of the proceeding. The Commission prefers that the disclosure be made on a standard form that is filed with the Commission’s Secretary-Clerk at least 24 hours before the LAFCO hearing begins. If this is not possible, a written or oral disclosure can be made at the beginning of the hearing. The law also prohibits an applicant or other participant from making a contribution of $250 or more to a LAFCO Commissioner while a proceeding is pending or for 3 months afterward.

DISCLOSURE FORMS and further information can also be obtained at:

Santa Cruz LAFCO
701 Ocean Street #318D
Santa Cruz CA 95060
Phone 831-454-2055


Pursuant to Government Code Sections 56100.1, 56300(b), 56700.1, 59009, and 81000 et seq., and Santa Cruz LAFCO’s Policies and Procedures for the DISCLOSURES OF CONTRIBUTIONS AND EXPENDITURES in Support of and Opposition to proposals, any person or combination of persons who directly or indirectly contributes a total of $1,000 or more or expends a total of $1,000 or more in support of or opposition to a LAFCO Proposal must comply with the disclosure requirements of the Political Reform Act (Section 84250). These requirements contain provisions for making disclosures of contributions and expenditures at specified intervals. Additional information may be obtained at:

701 Ocean Street #310
Santa Cruz, CA 95060

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